Conduct Policy

We welcome and encourage the public to visit the library, use library resources and services, and attend library programs. This policy is designed to promote appropriate use of the library, both inside the building and on library premises including courtyard and parking lot.

The library is not a playground, recreation center, or day care facility. Noisy or physically active behavior appropriate in such places is not appropriate in the library or on library premises. Use of the library requires respect for others who are also enjoying the library premises and services. Persons who are not using the library appropriately, who are engaged in disruptive, destructive or offensive behavior or who are disrespectful to the library staff or other patrons will be asked to leave the premises.

Children who have not yet entered third grade must be closely supervised by an adult caretaker while at the library. The library staff is not responsible for providing supervision and care of children of any age, whether in the library or on library premises. The staff does not monitor children leaving the premises, nor is it their responsibility to know if a child is leaving with a parent, guardian, relative or stranger. 

Disruptive Behavior

If disruptive behavior continues after one warning from library staff, the person will be asked to leave the library premises, whether adult or minor child, accompanied or not. Second incidents of disruptive behavior, or refusal to obey staff directions, will result in minimum 30 day suspension of library privileges including presence on library premises. Library staff will not hesitate to contact the Vinita Police Department for assistance as needed. 

No food or drink may be brought into the library.

Cell phones must be turned off or set to silent while in the library. Patrons may not use the library telephones to make or receive personal phone calls except in cases of true emergency as determined by the library staff.

The Board of Directors of Vinita Public Library has established these guidelines for the benefit of all patrons. If you would like to know whether any particular conduct is prohibited, please ask a library staff member.